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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Skills Assessment and Emotional Intelligence coaching

Emotional skills are key to personal happiness, healthy relationships, and personally meaningful careers. The SCALE instrument provides an authentic self-assessment over our current level of development over ten powerful emotional skills. These emotional skills are important in four primary performance areas of life:

Emotional Intelligence is the single most important influencing variable in personal achievement, career success, leadership and life satisfaction
Emotional Intelligence is a Learned ability requiring a systematic, experience based approach to learning.
Learning Emotional Knowledge and skills requires an intentional, active, learner centered approach involving self directed coaching, mentoring and visualization.
Emotional intelligence consists of specific skills, behaviors and attitudes that can be learned, applied and modelled to improve personal satisfaction, achievement and career effectiveness

Emotions are about what we touch, not just what we touch with our fingers or our skin, but what we touch with our eyes and ears, what we touch with our taste buds and the olfactory nerves in our noses. Emotions are about how we feel about what we touch with our imagination, from the dread of a loud scary noise in the dark, to those fifteen minutes of fame when you know you are the top of your game and everyone else gets to see. Emotions are what moves us and motivates us. In fact when we really think about why we do anything that we do, there is always a feeling involved – either something that we are avoiding and moving away from, or something that we want and are moving towards. Fear and desire are two of our strongest emotions and have long been considered the most powerful motivators of the animal kingdom.

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